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About MindCream

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MindCream LLC-03.png

High-value networks for CxOs, Board Members, and Senior Professionals

As our careers advance, continued growth, development and intellectual challenges become harder to attain, but ever more important.


In today's world, executive decisions are more complex and happen in a landscape that is rapidly shifting. To stay ahead requires constant movement, fresh perspectives, and a will to challenge ourselves.

Why MindCream?

Our mission is to bring together the cream of the crop - the brightest and most ambitious minds so that they can inspire, push, and support eachother as they serve their company and society. 

MindCream LLC-03.png

Diversity of thought

Future-proof leaders need to seek out diversity of thought, exposure to radical new ideas, and a sandbox for creativity and intellectual stimulus if they want to stay relevant and continue to advance. The need to surround themselves with excellence and inspiring people who share their quest for constant improvement.


Let your purpose guide you
Our philosophy of networking is one that emphasizes a bigger purpose beyond just meeting up. It stresses generosity, curiosity and trust. We aspire to facilitate networks that create immense value for and among its participants, but also networks that allow participants to give back, to help shape their companies, industries and society.

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