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Soren Friis Larsen

Founder, CEO | Executive advisor | MBA, M.Sc. | Uniting Brilliant People with Purpose

I have always loved to help solve problems - as an executive, advisor, or as a board member or volunteer. Being part of other's success is a great privilege.


My favorite thing to do is to spend time with people who are smarter than myself. Which is perfect – because that is most people I meet!


That is precisely my focus with MindCream: I want to help solve problems by connecting brilliant people.

Executive Advisor | Crisis, Issues and Reputation Management Expert

Communication Strategy | Crisis Management | Executive Reputation Management | Stakeholder Engagement | Issues Management | Risk | Business continuity

As an executive advisor specializing in communication and crisis management, I have been called upon countless times to offer live and urgent advice on managing pretty much any type of crisis from global product recalls, cyber-attacks, regulatory dawn raids, CEO or employee fraud, large-scale layoffs or medical malpractice to social media shit storms or false rumors in the press.

Based on these experiences, I help companies, organizations, and senior executives prepare optimally ahead of time through risk assessment, planning, crisis management governance, issue mapping, stakeholder analysis, communication strategy, and executive and spokesperson training. Always favoring a proactive approach, I assist both newly appointed and long-established executives in building and managing their reputation and thought leader status, and I help organizations build credibility on the issues important to them which serves as a reputational moat around their brand, PR and marketing efforts.

For larger engagements, I collaborate with Mach Media, which is a great communication agency operating both in Europe and the US.

Aspiring Board Member | Growth | Transformation | Strategy | Diversity & Inclusion

My biggest motivation comes from helping others succeed, and I am actively seeking opportunities to contribute as a board member or in advisory board roles where my skillset and experiences can add value, and where I can be a loyal and committed asset to the company and its executive team. With the right company, this includes a willingness to invest alongside majority owners.

I am deeply curious, inquisitive, and analytical. I strive to always serve with integrity, dedication, and humility. My corporate and consulting career as well as my own entrepreneurial journey has exposed me to a broad range of business models, markets, industries, and challenges both operational and strategic. I have worked in small, nimble organizations and for big global corporations. I have green-fielded new business areas and delivered tangible results with amating teams of great people. Please fell free to reach out if you feel that I can be of service and a relevant fit.



When I am not working or networking with people smarter than myself, I am a curious and voracious reader, treasure the mental reset of a long run or bike ride, and enjoy the occassional competitive chess (you can challenge me here if you'd like).

Spending time or travelling with my husband Steve is always amazing, as well as enjoying the company of friends and family.

I care deeply about issues like human rights, access to education, and financial literacy, which I enthusiastically support through a wonderful organization like W!ise.

I have always enjoyed a good challenge, which has led me to complete marathons, adventure races, and triathlons, including seven full-distance Ironmans in some of the most remote, but beautiful places on the planet.

This, as well as a wonderful and loving childhood, I believe has instilled a quiet confidence that I can keep going even when it gets tough - and a lot of cool in the line of fire. I probably take much of the same approach in business - I hate giving up on something. I am sure this can also be a challenge in many situations, but in my experience, persistence, continuity, and drive will usually carry the day.

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