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Professional Networks

By-invitation-only access to the right people gives you high-value opportunities to network, develop your business, and impact your industry

Not all networks are created equal. It takes the right people, the right organization, the right leadership and the right purpose to create an atmosphere of trust, sharing and mutual challenges.

Our networks are driven by high-caliber participants and lead by industry-recognized leaders and professional mavens within their field.

Participation is by invitation only. If you feel you should be considered, please get in touch.

Professional Networks

Executive advice and evaluation

Revitalize your existing group or network

Running a network or leading a dynamic board is hard work - and after a while, participants can start to feel less enthusiastic. Despite the best intentions, sometimes things go a bit stale.

We can help pin-point improvements that will boost satisfaction, participation and retention. Based on our thorough methodology, we can help evaluate, assess, and understand your network's strengths and weaknesses. 


Using our analyzis as a stepping stone, we build a roadmap that will revitalize the group.

Signal professionalism to your clients or board

With MindCream working closely with you every step of the way, our thorough process tells your members, network participants, or board of directors that you care deeply about them and the value you create together.

Advisory and evaluation

Own-brand networks

Let us power your client network

Client networks can be a fantastic source of leads, market insights and loyalty creation for many professional service firms. But they are also hard work - and frankly your own executives might be either too busy or too focused on pitching their own services to run the kind of meetings your clients will walk away from inspired.

Let us help you establish, launch, run, and maintain your client networks from curating the right participants to ensuring they continue to hold your firm in the highest regard - so you can focus on developing relationships and understanding your clients. Trust us - they will thank you for it.

Own-brand networks
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